Looking for a comfortable accommodation in the center of Cracow, but you do not prefer a hotel? The alternative is apartments for rent, check yourself.

We offer accommodation in private apartments. It is an alternative for a hotel room at a lower price. There is much more space in an apartment and it offers more privacy. Our partner’s apartments are located exclusively in the centre of Warsaw – which means that the most important places in the city are all within walking distance. Each apartment is located close to shops, restaurants and other services needed on a trip.

Each apartment is located in a modern building or a historical tenement. An apartment usually consists of a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. The kitchen is equipped with everything needed to prepare breakfast or supper. The apartments usually have 4 separate beds. If your group is bigger we will find a more spacious apartment for you so that you will be comfortable.

Our clients do not have to leave a deposit for the apartment.

It is a great alternative for all those who do not want to be accommodated in a cramped hotel room, value their freedom, independence and would like to get to know this wonderful city better.

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