The Pieniny area of the Dunajec is an extraordinary place that delights with picturesque views and a unique phenomenon. The Dunajec River turns its current 180 degrees in the part of the Gorge, flowing for some time in the opposite direction to the sea, to finally turn back. This type of phenomenon occurs only in one other place in the world.

Interestingly, the Pieniny looks completely different in summer than in autumn, when colorful leaves cover the trees growing along the entire route. Rafting on the Dunajec is a great way to get to know the greatest attractions of the Pieniny National Park. Starting from the raftsmen harbor in Kąty, we will see, among others, Marcelowa Góra, which is excluded from sightseeing and no tourist trail leads to it. We will raft through one of the two separate riverbeds of the Dunajec, forming a two-kilometer island in the middle, and we will see the Velveteen Mountains, where the legendary robber Janosik was supposed to hide.

Then the river current leads to the pearl of the Pieniny, i.e. the The Three Crowns. This is where the Gorge begins, consisting of 7 loops and magnificent, monumental limestone hills stretching along the length, which are even 300 meters high. The view is breathtaking, but you have to see it with your own eyes to understand how amazing it all looks.

The current of the river is usually calm, only sometimes it accelerates its course and then slows down again. Special rafts made of five canoes guarantee full safety during both a calm and more exciting voyage, when the current increases its speed.

An additional attraction of the area is a visit to the Dunajec Castle in Nidzica (lac: Castrum de Dunajecz) – a historic and original stronghold from the 14th century, located right on the rocky shore of the lake.

Other funtastic attractions

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On this unforgettable day trip, you will see:  the magical Pieniny Mountains,  the captivating Czorsztyńskie Lake with a water dam,  the ruins of the medieval...
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